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Telephone Support

Business Class Support.
Keeping Your Systems Running

With Greater Flexibility comes the Need for Greater Control
  • Our aim is not to sell you a product; it’s to sell a solution which you will continue to exploit to develop your business.
  • Business class support is a key element in our vision for the future; we want you to be able to achieve more with the confidence that we will be there to help you adapt.
  • With UK call centres and UK staff you can be sure to be able to a speedy resolution to your problems.

Unified Messaging

Combine Emails, Voice and FAX.
Unified Messaging.

Organised, Focused, Timely and Accurate; the benefits of Unified Messaging
  • We all know how convenient it is to be able to plan and communicate through one instant mechanism: Email. What if all communications could be integrated into this framework?
  • As portable devices develop and progress, the language of all new devices is Email. Integrating Fax and Voicemail to your Email systems is the logical choice of users on the move.
  • When every Sales Lead needs to be perused, no communications can go ignored.

Phone Systems

Business Class Phone Systems.Bespoke Digital PBX

Phone systems designed to maximise your Customer Service Potential
  • While many businesses seem content with simple phone systems and their reliance on fixed programming. Call us to find how we can transform the way in which you utilise Voice Communications.
  • When every sales enquiry matters and no customer can afford to be lost, can you as a business choose not to react?
  • The difference between a Voice Communications Architecture which performs and one which fails is its ability to model Your Business Process.

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