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Broadcast Transfer.
Content in the Correct Format.

Broadcasters have strict requirements about what they will accept…
  • Content Creation and Delivery are two very different mechanisms. We specialise in the delivery of content for Broadcast.
  • High quality transfers direct from compressed and uncompressed sources to physical media which can be broadcast worldwide.
  • Founded in solid AV Engineering principles and experience, we have the skills to ensure your projects always hit the mark.


Digital Archival.
Protect your Investment.

Fast paced Technology has resulted in a Multitude of Incompatible Formats...
  • Many Content Producers and Recipients have invested heavily in Legacy Multimedia Content; we can help you to reintegrate that content into your existing systems.
  • With extensive experience in digitisation and archival of Analogue and Digital Content, find out how we can help safeguard your Investment.
  • Working with standards Worldwide, means that we can often process content where all others would fail.

Grading & Mastering

Digital Grading & Correction.
Enhance your Content.

Delegate the process of Grading and Correction. You Create, we make it look Good…
  • While Editing Audio & Video is now well within the reach of many businesses and individuals many fall short when trying to achieve ‘The Look’.
  • We know you can Create, let Us worry about ensuring that your Creation is Compliant.
  • With years of experience working with Broadcasters around the world, Digital Media Solutions can bring invaluable experience and skills to your Project.

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