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E Technologies.
The True Potential of the Web.

The web is so much more than an online brochure, it’s also a Universal development platform…
  • By modelling and integrating your business processes on line you can maximise your sales potential, and after sales support.
  • Open source solutions are an attractive basis on which to improve your business processes, but what happens when they upgrade and leave you behind?
  • With a wealth of emerging technologies and standards, more than ever before, you need a guiding hand to avoid the pitfalls.


Up to Date E Commerce.
Driven by Your Business.

E Commerce has Changed, are you moving with the times?
  • Integrating sales and stock control has been with us for some time, but how best to exploit the very real new forms of advertising revenue on line. Hits mean Money.
  • Integrate White Label Sales into your web strategy. Generate revenue while others do the leg work...
  • Keeping your systems up to date and secure is about to change with new Government Legislation. Are you ready for PCI DSS and 3d Secure?

Web Design

Web Design.
Communicate the Web 2.0 Way.

Vibrant and active design and functionality
  • New web standards and technologies allow you to streamline your services and impress with your commitment to your customers.
  • Vibrant and creative design just gained an extra dimension; Motion. Discover what this added dimension can do for you...
  • Content Management Systems allow businesses to respond directly the customer needs with a user configurable marketing and information tool.

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